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i think i'm going to hide all my entries except picture posts and pretty much start freshish again on livejournal. not now, but before the new year i guess. i'm actually planning on starting fresh in XI, so there will be lots of that kind of shit on here. i already wrote my resolutions down weeks ago >_________<

i go to state board on tuesday! wish me luuuuuuck!
spontaneous entry, based on some amazing adorable plugs i found...

so i'm pretty jaw = floor right now.
my birthday's october first annnnd someone should get them for me :)

nick&i are doing well, after all the stupid ass drama, things are going goodish.

i'm applying for spirit, the halloween store. you should all cross your fingers for me because i would be SO EXCITED to work at spirit, H O L Y S H I T.

planning a birthday show for me@gilman...should be funnnnnnn if the bands i'm trying to get will play.

also, huge photo post coming soon. june, july, and august pictures.

Aug. 24th, 2010


you two are S E L F I S H.
you're both meant to be, but let little petty shit get in the way and act like you hate each other. play your high school games, i don't care, but leave me the fuck out of it.

and YES, i threatened him with a bat, and i will live up to that if he comes anywhere near my house. i would do the EXACT SAME with you, minus the bat because he's fucking large and i would lose intensely if i tried to fight him. with you, you'd be bruised and bloody by MY hand. i dont give a SHIT if you're a minor or not. i don't give a FUCK about your family situation. i dont give a FUCK about YOU anymore. die, die, die. and i'm really serious.

both of you need to leave me the hell alone, because I M D O N E . leave me alone, that's all im fucking asking. if you don't, retaliation will come. and as most of -you- know, i'm pretty fucking psycho and don't ever fucking quit, so i'll always come out on top. period, end of story.

second post today, HAH!

soooo...i have a kind of odd question.
i've been thinking a lot about getting a rib piece, and i was wondering if you guys think rib pieces look good on larger girls? if you have any referance pictures, that would be awesome too.
Mommy doesn't have a head any more
Keep it underneath my bed on the floor
Well thats alright man, thats OK
She never really used her head anyway

Daddy called me a silly boar
Bet he won't say that any more
Cause the way his body is severed in two
His vocal cords are gonna be hard to use

Beheaded, watch you spurt like a garden hose
Beheaded, bloody mess all over my clothes

Watch my girlfriend come to the door
Chop off her head, she falls to the floor
Well watching my baby's jugular flow
Really makes my motor go

Wrap a towel round the bloody stump
Take my baby's body to the city dump
Then wipe the mess off the bloody axe
Scoope all the heads into my burlap sack

Beheaded, watch her squirt like a garden hose
Beheaded, bloody mess all over my clothes

All my collection, adorns my room on bamboo poles
Used to be a little, but a little got more and more
Now I'm craving yours

Night brings bad dreams, bad dreams and guillotines
Night brings bad dreams, bad dreams and guillotines

Off with her head
Off with her head
Off with her head
Off with her head
Off with her head
Off with her head

Find another victim for my machine
Put 'em in a home-made guillotine
And now the blade falls, gonna need a casket
Watch the head plop in a wicker basket

Leave the house at a quarter to four
Come back with sixteen or more
Cause the more I want, the more I see
I got a funny feeling coming over me

Beheaded, watch you squirt like a garden hose
Beheaded, bloody mess all over my clothes

Aug. 9th, 2010

I want to run 1000 miles home.
Break down all walls that block me from your bed.
Capture your eyes, as I explore your thighs and try to explain what's going on inside my head.
Boy I've run all across this land.
I've seen waves crash on beaches and steal my breath.
I've seen snow on the hilltops, perfect and smooth as my hand navigating your chest.
Oh I've seen California.
All the mountains and deserts and streams.
As the monuments crumble and erode away, I hope you're back home waiting for me.

And now I depend on my sense of adventure, to get through all the rough times, 'til we get back together.

I want to run back to Oregon.
Fall every tree that blocks me from my street.
Up in the hills, watch the city lights, I won't be home 'til I have Portland under my feet.

Oh I've seen California.
All the basements and stages and scenes.
I could laugh as it all falls into the sea, and hope you're back home waiting for me.

When I get home, I'm up for anything.

i've made a mistake.
a large mistake.

the two things i'm about to talk about were thoughts completely unrelated until i realized that they were so correhent with each other. they're like puzzle pieces, yet they didn't come up that way in my thought process naturally. the first, might upset some of you, and for that i'm sorry, but it's how i feel and how i've percieved&understood things my whole life but have never really consciously thought about until now.

people who grow up in well off households, or any financially stable situation, don't have the same ability to feel, make relationships, and have the same loyalty as the rest of us. while this isn't their fault, it's still a personality flaw, unfortunately. i imagine it is because as adolescents, when they faced a hardship such as a friend betraying them or a boyfriend broke up with them, their parents would do everything in their power to distract them from this. of course, a parent SHOULD want to do this for their child. if they don't, that's a whole other problem. but when the child should be dealing with their emotions, instead, they are watching movies, playing video games, listening to the newest cd, etc. they don't learn how to deal with problems, and they don't understand the hurt that they cause which they unintentionally inflict on others later in life because they don't realize the anguish they missed out on. i could (and probably will, later) go on with this but at the moment i'm slightly strapped for time and want to finish this entry, and this is my basic idea.

which leads me to my mistake. my wrongful judgement of character on a friend of mine that lately hasn't been a good friend, but i figured truly understood that, until now.
i thought we had an amazing connection that would last a long time and that was genuine. unfortunately i thought wrong. realizing that this isn't their fault (they had grown up extremely well off and gotten everything pretty much handed to them)i realize that i have an appology to make. while it won't be easy, because rootfully it IS their fault, i have to understand that consciously they have NO idea about this.



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